Flood contacts his operative from his previous mission to inform them the Merovingian has seen fit to give them both a second chance. Flood is assigned with the defence of a research laboratory that has just come under attack by the General's soldiers.

The Merovingian operative enters the area and learns that the scientists within have barricaded themselves inside a room within and locked down all computer systems within. Moving quickly before the commandos have a chance to get around the system lockdown or through to the commandos, the operative quickly assassinates each of the commandos.

The scientists thank the operative, however before there is time to rest Flood urgently contacts his operative once again. Another Merovingian laboratory had come under attack. Unsure what it is that the General wants so badly, the operative rushes to the second laboratory and follows the same drill eliminating the commandos.

This time, though, the operative only manages to kill a couple commandos when suddenly the rest of the commando attackers drop like flies dead.

Operator: What the...I could've sworn I just saw a signal like an EMP going off. But those are in the real! And why did all those soldiers just die... You'd better have a chat with these scientists and find out what's up!

The operative quickly locates the scientists within the second laboratory.

Scientist: Well... that was rather drastic, wasn't it? In order to lock down the systems here, I had to discharge the EMCP machine... what? EMCP? Well, that's just our pet term until we have something better. Electro-Magnetic Code Pulse. Really, it isn't the same thing, since technically, within the Matrix we... oh, what am I doing, trying to explain this to you. Humans always interpret things so literally. Oh, and, ah... thanks for saving me, and all that.

The operative leaves the laboratory and reports to Flood.

Flood: Well, well, well. A device that could fidable or destroy all of those pesky General's commandos within an area... I do believe that could be quite useful. The Merovingian will certainly be very intrigued by this development... intrigued enough to let us both off the hook, yes? I'll be in touch.

iRomav 01-30-2006, 06:25 PM

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