Flood: There is a bluepill named Sharmaine Tarn who has been in contact with Morpheus on several occasions. In exchange for information on Morpheus, we have agreed to protect her from other operatives who want her silenced. It would seem that she needs protection from us right now. See to it that she makes her way home from work safely. if you botch this job i don't foresee an enjoyable employment with you.

Flood: This is where Sharmaine Tarn works. Locate her and then escort her back to her apartment. I'll send you the address once you have her out of the area.

Al Lange: Did you see that new reality television show last night?

Al Lange: Excuse me. I have have to get back to work...

Nicholas Ackerman: I'm sorry. I'm rather busy right now.

Sharmaine Tarn: Are you here for the Merovingian? Good. I'm ready to go home but I need someone to watch my back. Some strange folks have been causing me trouble and I'm worried about going home all by my lonesome... This is where you come in.

Operator: Goals for this mission phase are complete!

Flood: I'm giving you the location of Sharmaine Tarn's apartment.

Operator: This is where Sharmaine lives. once she is safely inside her apartment, recover the information on Morpheus from her.

Alysha Irmen: Sharmaine is suppose to be home. Is she with you?

Alysha Irmen: Sharmaine! Its good to see that you made it home safely.

Sena: Did you come here with Sharmaine? Well, since you're just a friend of hers, she won't mind if you sit down on the bed with me... come over here, cutie!

Sena: I've locked the door! You can't leave until I've had some fun with you!

Operator: What the hell was her problem?

Operator: I can't believe she actually locked the door and tried to get it on with you... This is insane.

Sharmaine Tarn: Now that I'm safe, I'll give you the information that we agreed upon... You may take it from me.

Operator: Excellent! Let's get this uploaded through a hardline so i can send it to Flood.

Alysha Irmen: Sharmaine! Its good to see that you made it home safely.

Operator: Recieving data now.

Operator: Goals for this mission phase are complete!

Flood: Things are going well enough for you, aren't they?

[Mission completed]

NPCs Edit

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