Agent Gray: Good day, Mr. Kennedy. There are... developments concerning the listening device you planted for us. Your attention is again required.

We seem to be picking up a good deal of information regarding a certain awakened human. The name given is Veil. Our records show a reference to Veil: a Zion operative who betrayed the crew of the SS Novalis and was sentenced to imprisonment by the Zion High Council.

Proceed to the location indicated. We must know why her name is surfacing.

Operator: Apparently some of those communications went through this location. Search all the computers for a start -- we need something more to go on.

Agent Gray: The file you obtained has been analyzed, along with the data from the computers you searched. There is a 98.6% probability that the next location is of interest to us. Proceed there and obtain any information possible.

Operator: Wait... I'm getting some interesting stuff up on my screens. Head through that door as far as you can, and you should find a computer. It looks like it might be a central communications terminal. Take a look at it and see what you find.

Computer: Logged in as Shilling
- You know as well as I do that we can get her out. She is vital to the operations. By the next time I talk to you, I expect her to be with us again. Don't fail me.

Operator: Whoa! Sounds like a jailbreak being planned, or maybe it already happened? Well, that's enough for now. Better get out of there.

Agent Gray: So. It would appear that the masked humans will be... taking Veil into their own custody. An intriguing developemnt indeed. Remain in contact, Mr. Kennedy. We must maintain control of all possible ramifications.

> Transmissions recieved from offset:
+1 +20 +2 +10
> _

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