A call from Agent Gray. So it begins...

Agent Gray: Greetings, Mr. Kennedy. Something has recently come to our attention; communications chatter related to the masked men has suddenly increased. We must establish deeper surveillance of this group. Proceed to the location indicated on your HUD and obtain a listening device from Agent Stewart.

Operator: Agent Stewart should be on site here with the listening device.

[Met Agent Stewart]

Agent Stewart: Greetings, {???}. Please take the device from me.

Agent Stewart: The device is ready for use, human.

Operator: Okay, on the next spot...

Agent Stewart: You may continue your way, {bluepill_name}

Agent Gray: The next location is actually a... suspected base of the masked humans. You must locate a main communications computer inside, plant the listening device, and exit the area. Avoid... unnecessary hostilities if possible.

Operator: All right, see if you can sneak in and out of there. Search all of the computers until you can find their comms unit, and plant the device there.

[Of course, there were some hostilities with the Cypherites, but that didn't slow me down. I found the main communications terminal and planted the device.]

Operator: Bingo! Plant the device in there and we can get moving.

Operator: Sweet! Device in place... now you can get out of there.

Operator: Goals for this area are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Operator: Damn, just looks like generic spam.

Agent Gray: Excellent work, {redpill_name}. Proceed to one of our laboratories for calibration of the listening signal.

Operator: There should be a Dr. Gajan in here. He needs the exact coordinates of the mission location to calibrate the device's signal.

Gerald Gajun: Ah, Mr. Kennedy. I presume you have the coordinates for me? Please direct your operator to download them to me now.

[And I did so.]

Okay, I'm downloading you the coords... all set. You can get out of there now.

Operator: Goals for this area are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Gerald Gajun: Excellent. The transmissions should begin coming through to this terminal now.

Agent Gray: Excellent work, as always, Mr. Kennedy. We will begin analyzing the intercepted transmissions from that device, and you will be contacted when your... service is required. That is all.

(extracted from

>system engaged! Intercepted
- security system message
- security system message
- security system message
- email deletion
- security system message

>Logged in as Fujian. Email headers:
- Promote your online business
- Meet single women in Richland

> New hardware detected... install in
> Installation complete!
> New protocol detected... installation
logs deleted.
> Communications systems online.
> _

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