Amber is a member of the Spectrum Siblings and can be found in Club Kaos in Rogers Way (-552, -4, -611). She is known to be in charge of the Amber Special Projects gang. It was revealed that her brother, Mandarin, was involved in cutting in on Amber's territory.

Mission Notes
A Suspicious Character Investigate and find out the motives of a mysterious person who is interested in Amber's turf.
A Safe Place Escort an informant, Annabelle Swadling, to the safe place. (before hand, need to kill the vampires outside her room)
Second Try Find the missing informant from the second mission, who went missing, rescue her and escort her back to the safe place.
The Final Clue Find and take a CD containing a clue behind the unfriendly efforts to cut into Amber's teritory, which is guarded by fierce hackers, and deliver it to Darien, one of Amber's guard captains (hangs around level 51+ security staff)
Payback Time Plant a special virus into Mandarin's computer systems (place of target computer is guarded by mandarin's forces)

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