"Anti M.'s expensive, professional attire and precisely measured words reveal her commitment to raising herself to a level of business above the petty squabbles of her fellow Elements. Still, even in the quiet streets of Mannsdale, she cannot avoid the occasional family entanglement."
―in-game description

Anti M. was an Element exile who can be found in the secluded walled square (164/5/-663) in Mannsdale Housing Projects, Richland.

She has a secret lesbian relationship with Beryl and is a rival to beryl's boyfriend, Argon.

Mission Notes
Protection Racket Put pressure on Argon by finding and defeating four of his crew.
Special Delivery Deliver a letter to Beryl.
Clear The Way Steal something that was held by Argon for the Chotte Brothers . Simply kill four of Argon's gunmen while Anti M's people will grab the item.
Apothecary Obtain and deliver some perfume to Beryl.
The Photographer find and defeat The Photographer, and give Anti M the compromising images of her infidelity with Beryl.

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