Apollyon is in the southwestern corner of Richland. The place is essentially a waterfront lined with seedy wharfs and mostly-abandoned warehouses that appears weathered. The neighbourhood is also the home of the sadistic partying gang known as Five Points.

Access Node
Clubs Jacobs Ladder
Collectors PartyGrrrl
Merovingian Analyst
Contacts Raini (581, 1, -1713) inside club
Gangs Five Points
Hardlines NorthWest (154, 0, -1425)
SouthEast (557, 0, -1669)
Signal Boosters (236, 25, -1504)
Subways Red Line
Yellow Line
Vendors Archivist Broker (Merovingian)
Benton (Weapon)
Doozer (Coder)
Ellyn (Fragment)
Jacobs Ladder Vendor (Weapon)
Jeromy (Clothing)
Laverna (Item)
Safari (Operative>
Shard (Item)
Trash (Hacker)

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