Awakened discipline

Awakened discipline

Depends on none
Leads to Operative

The Awakened discipline is the first one a newly awakened redpill concentrates on. It contains some basic fighting abilities and many abilities that are of use for all discipline.

Awakened AbilitiesEdit

Level Ability Requires Description
1 Awakened (root) Grants the self-defense style
1 Cheap Shot Awakened Special attack causing melee damage
1 Concentration Awakened Makes your abilities less interruptable
1 Detection Awakened Improves your chance to see stealthy or hidden enemies
1 Evade Combat Awakened Provides a temporary shield to prevent entry into close combat
1 Head Butt Cheap Shot Special attack causing melee damage to a dazed opponent
1 Hyper-Jump Beta Awakened Improves Super Jump (beta reward).
1 Hyper-Sprint Awakened Improves Movement Speed at the cost of inner strength
1 Mobius Code Awakened Self heal (sometimes gift from devs)
5 Hyper-Block Awakened Increases Melee Defense
5 Hyper-Deflect Awakened Increases Viral Defense
5 Hyper-Dodge Awakened Increases Ballistic Defense
5 Hyper-Sense Awakened Increases Thrown Defense
10 Adrenaline Booster Hyper-Dodge Increases Ballistic Resistance
10 Calm Mind, Calm Body Hyper-Sense Increases Thrown Resistance
10 Consistant Technique Hyper-Block Increases Melee Resistance
10 Desperation Awakened Increases Initiative
10 Empty Mind Hyper-Deflect Increases Viral Resistance
10 Hyper-Jump Hyper-Sprint Improves Super Jump
25 Determination Concentration Improves Determination
25 Hyper-Speed Hyper-Jump Improves Movement Speed

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