Baldwin Heights is an area that is in the middle surrounding areas of Stratford Campus, Hampton Green, Union Hill and Pillsen. most of the stereotypical residents are ambitious middle managers and the up-and-comer workers of Downtown, which are a vast majority compared to the truly sucessful, who can afford to live in Park East or Center Park. Some of them rarely come back to their homes that they rarely own any furniture.

Access Node Stratford Campus
Clubs None?
Collectors Sergeant Wynn
Contacts The Coroner
Gangs Assassins
Hardlines N. Central (-105, 18, 586)
N (-76, 18, 844)
SW (-198, 18, 347)
Signal Boosters
Subways Orange Line
Vendors Sommer (Item)
Else (Clothing)
Spartan (Gunman)

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