"Making her home in a fashionable Midian Park penthouse, paid for by her boyfriend, Argon, Beryl is used to her beauty paving the way for her. What she may not realize is that it can also get her into trouble."
―in-game description

Beryl was an exile who belonged to a type of exile group known as the Elements. She is secretly the lover of fellow Element, Anti M. And was a girlfriend to Argon before she dumped him for being too oppressive and commanding. (She has a cat named Glitch?)

Mission Notes
Special Delivery Deliver a package to Anti-M's associate.
A Girl in Need Deliver a package from Argon to her.
Cut the Tail Eliminate Argon's man who has has been tailing her
Fashion Statement Pick up a special dress from The Seamstress.
NoiseMaker Distract Argon by attacking some of his men.

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