This one starts off with out good old screw-up Anome... This is what he has to say at the beginning:

Anome: "Well, if it isn't {redpill_name}. We've used that data you got on the dire lupines and their "Effectuator" leader to zero in on a computer system in the City that controls one of the Merovingian's constructs. I don't think I need to remind you how important it is that we disrupt the Merovingian's construct network, do I? Right. So, you're going to secure this computer system, then use it to track down and infiltrate the construct portal. Get moving."

So I went to the building and killed a lot of Lupines and got info about the location of the construct's portal... After I left the building Anome said this:

Anome: "Now that we've captured the control terminal for the portal, you should have no problem with the portal shutting down before you get to it. But there's no point in taking chances, is there? So hurry up and get over there."

So I went to the next building and this is where things started getting weird... I had to kill a lot of Lupines, and when I was done, this guy appeared right in front of my face, out of now where... Who?... Well, duh, The Effectuator.¤t=screens

I talked to him and this is what he said:

The Effectuator: "Why, hello there, operative. Nice day, isn't it? Yes, I'm that fellow you've been wondering about: The Effectuator. Oh, don't bother trying to threaten me; you can't hurt me. Nobody can. A happy arrangement, don't you think? But we're getting behind schedule. Why don't you proceed on to the next room? Oh, I've shut the portal down, by the way. Just go on through the door."

So, I went through the door and, oh my god, He appeared out of nowhere again when I stepped into the room. I turned around and the first copy was still in the other room. My operator said this to me:

Operator: "Huh? The signal from the program in that room matches the one from the pervious room exactly. Is he cloning himself?"

I then talked to the Effectuator and this is what he said:

The Effectuator: "Yes, it's still me. I have no corporeal existence in this simulation, you see? So I can just flit around wherever I need to. I feel a little less real than even the average Exile- we're all a tad insecure about that, actually- but there are compensations. Speaking of which: yes, I do work for the Merovingian. I run his constructs: coordinating firewalls, maintaining private servers, code maintenance... And our dead leader himself can be very demanding. Makes me wonder why some of the more powerful programs- the Trainman, for instance- put up with him at all. But oh, look at the time. Let's move on to the next room."

So I did and, yeah, you guessed it, he appeared there again. And this time I managed to get a picture of him appearing; he has this weird orb thing that goes around him for a couple of seconds when he appears.

I talked to him again and this is what he said:

The Effectuator: "So, my dear dire lupines (Aren't they neat? And so discreet. The Merovingian made them especially for me) indicated that trouble was coming, and I just had to pop in and meet you. Here's the thing: I can't have you meddling with my constructs. I mean, really, do you want to get me fired? But it wouldn't be right to leave you empty-handed, after you've worked so hard. Let's see... Aha! I'll give you some more lupines to play with; their combat routines have become a little rusty. Check with your operator. See ya"

Then my operator says this:

Operator: "Hey! I'm getting a broadcast here. It's an address of a site nearby. I suppose you'll just have to leave your new friend behind for now- since he's insubstantial, there's nothing we can do to him... at the moment."

Good god this mission is long... and we'e like only half way done... So I leave and Anome has this to say:

Anome: "What the friggin' hell kind of fruitcake was that? Apparently this is all some kind of big game to him. We'll just see how much he likes it once we've castrated all his "dear" dire lupines, and trapped his skinny old insubstantial butt in a mez field! And why did he assume that Tyndall is directing you? I'm in charge here! Mr. Fake Tan is in for a nasty surprise. Take those dogs to the cleaners, and find some way of tracking down the Effectuator."

[So I left and went to the next location. When I got there my operator said this: ]

(location: Shirakaba)

Operator: "I wonder if the Effectuator made that Tyndall reference just to get under Anome's skin? Looks like he's playing square with us, at any rate; I've got lots of intermittent signals in there, of the dire lupines persuasion, from the looks of it. Does the Effectuator really not care if we waste these guys, or is he hoping to goad us in over our heads?"

[So then I go inside, and have to kill some more of the lupines. I get some more information on the Effectuator- and surprise I do... So I went to the next locate where I found a computer with a message left from the Effectuator just for me: ]

[Interupt] Incoming message from
remote admin:
"Hello, operative. Still on the case? I
admire your dedication! If you're going
to get through my computer system
there, I'm afraid you'll find that there's
a certain sequence you have to follow.
By the way, some mutual friends of ours
should be along at any moment. Don't

And then I get attacked by a lot of lupines. I then found the next computer and this is what it said:

Computer: >
[Interupt] Incoming message from
remote admin:
Still going strong, eh? But you've
turned your back again...

And then some more lupines came after me- god it was bothersome... I went to the last computer and this is what it said:

[Interupt] Incoming message from
remote admin:
"I do believe you've done it. I've
underestimated you. Well, Architect
knows I'm not perfect. C'est la vie!"
> _

And then a lot of lupines spawned and I finally killed them all... The last one, of course, dropped some information about the Effectuator. I then left and took the data to a hardline and uploaded it. This FINALLY ended the missions with some humorous after affects. Anome had this to say:

Anome: "What th-? Network activity is going haywire! That "data" you uploaded was a virus! Oh crap!... It's wiping out data on the Efectuator's lupines and construct portals. Uh... We'll get back to you. Someone get Tyndall! Shut the systems down! Shut everything-"

Looks like we may not be hearing from good old Anome anymore lol...

NPCs Edit

(location: Akasaka) Computer:
portcont.stat - net 832.4937.799a.0bk
0x01000100 - 0.4%
> _

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