Center Park is named because it surrounds the largest park in Mega city. it is located south of Creston Heights and North of Vauxton. Government structures and office buildings line the park itself. it is also the place where massive art festivals occur several time a year as well as a place for concerts.

The Contact living in this place is the Sculptress, who has created the residing gang known as the Chisels.

Access Node Creston Heights
Clubs Janus
Collectors Viktor (-1067, 13, 135
Contacts The Sculptress (227, -6, 67)
Gangs Chisels
Hardlines N (-894, 12, 291)

(-776, 12, -34)
S (-915, 11, -138)
W (-1158, 12, 125)

Signal Boosters (-748, 109, 269), (-850, 85, -231)
Subways Orange Line
Vendors Scuppers (Patcher)
Ardelean (Clothing)
Fausto (Item)

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