Cerulean was a member of the Spectrum Siblings and can be found in Bathary Row (-1075, -6, 497). Due to a side effect of the Matrix reconfiruation, some of her personal subroutine code such as rendering, was destroyed, effectively rendering her with a ghost-like appearance.

Mission Notes
A Short Walk Ensures that Alpha (who has an item contained within the code of her RSI) is escorted safely to her next destination (Cliff?).
Surgical Strike Recover a courier who had the the second part of the item from last mission.
Raw Deal Pick up a folder from Cerulean's secretary (Suzi Joplin) containing a peace treaty, and deliver it to the Disciples gang leader (Cliff). (could be a trap)
Aggressive Recruitment Rescue an abducted courier (Aristophanes) who was an employee of the Chotte Brothers Imports (mistake: Bishop Imports).
Stakeout dissuade Greene's forces from putting up their warehouse that was built on Cerulean's turf.

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