Collectors are NPCs who give open-ended quests that involve trading items you have collected for a reward. The collected items are generally gang symbols obtained by killing members of a nearby (most of the time) gang. In exchange for these tokens (medallions, keys, rings, etc.) valuable items in return. Collectors appear on your map as a purple icon.

Richland Edit

Name Neighborhood Takes Gives
Acid Uriah Note for Acid, Chopper Key (1) Note for Override, Health Pill 1.0 (5)
Big Jimmy Z Eshean Projects Red Coin (6) Z Gi (shirt slot) (Melee and Thrown Damage) Bonus +1%, Stealth +10, (Melee, Thrown + Viral Damage Resistance 10 pts)
Caspian Mannsdale Housing Projects Miniature Toy Rocket (9) Caspian's Sunglasses (Ballistic Damage Bonus +1%)
Clio Uriah ID card Note for Stokes
Cookie Lemone Engraved Silver Ring 9 Heirloom Revolver (10% chance) 7 - 14)
FastBack Uriah Chopper Key (9) Industrial Boots (Ballistic Damage Resistance +4)
Horace Achan Small Bronze Bell (6) Horace's Sneakers (Inner Strength Regen Rate +%5, Movement Speed +5%) (Melee, Ballistic, and Thrown Defence +5)
Jack Moriah Projects Skull and Crossbones Medallion (6) Jacks Gloves (Melee Damage Bonus +1%)
JohnQ Camon Heights Razor Blade Pendant (6) Q-Gun (20% chance of 18 Damage over 20 seconds) (Ballistic Accuracy 2)
KatScratch Zia Platinum Disk Medallion (9) Kat Skin (jacket -- 25% chance) Healing H.P.S 50-75)
Kerton Magog Onyx Ring (6) Sublime Gloves (Thrown Damage Bonus +1%)
Kraven Dannah Heights Engraved Silver Ring (9) Ghost Shirt (25% chance Healing H.P.S 75-100) (Melee, Thrown, Viral Damage Resistance 9pts)
LilQuick Kedemoth Platinum Disk Medallion (9) LilQuick's Sneakers (Invisibility Duration +3, Disguise Duration +5, Stealth +25)
Loripor Mara Onyx Ring (9) Loripor's Jacket
(Max Health +30, Causes Enraged proc)
Bloody Surgical Mask, Scalpel Origami Paper, Surgical Mask
Surgical Mask Origami Paper, Surgical Mask
Translocation Program Awakening Jacket
Translocation Program Awakening Glasses
Michel Tabor Park Demon Head Medallion (6) Demonskin Shirt (Viral Resistance +3, Ballistic Damage Resistance +3, Melee Damage Resistance +3)
Override Uriah Note for Override, Chopper Key (3) Note for RPM, Industrial Pants (Melee Damage Resistance +3)
PartyGrrrl Apollyon Brass Pentacle (6) The Party Favor (shotgun -- 10% chance 9 - 18 damage) (Ballistic Accuracy 7)
Reactor Midian Park Rust Red Handkerchief (6) Reaction Sunglasses (Melee Defense Bonus +2%)
RPM Uriah Note for RPM, Chopper Key (6) Industrial Shirt (Ballistic Damage Resistance +3)
Stokes Uriah Note for Stokes Note for Acid, MP-700 Pump Action

Westview Edit

Name Neighborhood Takes Gives
Chaste Southard Red Silk Ribbon (12) Chastity(rifle -- 7-7 base damage, armor piercing)
Clark Lucero Point Flint Pendant (14) Sparkling Fedora (Ballistic Damage Resistance + 14pts, Thrown Resistance +14pts, Viral Resistance +14pts, Inner Strength Regen Rate +15%)
Ethan Bathary Row Teeth (16) Mother Coat (Melee, Damage and Thrown Resistance +18, Health Regen bonus +15%,Heal Chance 15% bonus 225-300 Hit Points)
Elmore Rogers Way ASP ID Card (14) Elmore's Automatic (pistol -- 8-8 base Damage, Ballistic Accuracy Bonus +1%, Ballistic Accuracy - 2pts, Reuse time: 4.5secs, Range: 16m)
Father Jonas Sobra Shores Pentagram Amulet (12) Devotional Shirt (Concentration +20, Initiative bonus +2%)
Gregore Manssen Park Small Vial of Blood (16) Vampire Coat (Melee Damage Bonus +2%, Ballistic Defense Bonus +2%, Melee Damage Resistance +16pts, Health Regen Rate +10%)
Optix Guiness Lake Crown Coin (14) Optix Glasses (Concealment Detection +30)
StraightEdgedJohn Gracy Heights Small Hammer (12) Pugilist's Gloves (Melee Damage Bonus +2%, 50% chance Ballistic Damage 20pts for 30 sec)
Lucian Stamos Crow Feathers (16) Lucian's Launcher (eyewear -- Viral Defense Bonus +3%, Inner Strength Regen Rate +15%, Viral Damage Bonus +3%)

International Edit

Name Neighborhood Takes Gives
Corman Murasaki Tiger Claw Pendant (16) Tiger Claws (gloves -- Thrown Damage bonus +2%, Stealth +10)
Corrode Ueno Platinum Shuriken (16) Shiriken Launcher (submachine gun -- Ballistic Accuracy bonus +1%)
Egg Sai Kung Golden Heart Medallion (12) Egg's Shell (shirt -- Viral Resitance +12)
Huang Ikebukuro Flaming Phoenix Medallion (12) Huang's Shirt (Inner Strength Regen Rate +10%)
Jonny Kaede Flaming Small Gold Hourglass (12) Jonnygun (handgun - 10% chance causes Stun 6 seconds)
Kenny Lee Shinjuku Jade Crescent Medallion (14) Kenny's Gi (Melee Damage bonus +2%, Force Combat bonus +2%)
Lieutenant Chang Jurong Empty Leather Wallet (14) Viral Shades (Viral Damage bonus +2%)
Petal Akasaka Silver Star Medallion (14) Petal Pants (Ballistic Accuracy bonus +2%, Ballistic Damage Resistance +12)
ShockKidd Shirakaba Iron Badge (14) Security Glasses (Concealment Detection +16, Stealth +20)
Tanto Kowloon Ivory Disk (14) Kinkin' Boots (Melee Damage bonus +2%, Force Combat bonus +2%)
Tin Can Furihata Dragon Medallion (14) Tin Can's Headgear (Jump +10, Super Jump +10)

Downtown Edit

Name Neighborhood Takes Gives
Binary Boy Creston Heights 1 Taskmaster Beret Zero & 10 Zero one Taskmaster Heads & 100 Zero One Soldier Parts Area K (Coat -- Viral Resistance +30pts, Ballastic Defense Bonus +36pts, Viral Defense Bonus +3%, Health Regen Rate +25%, Ballastic Damage Resistance +36pts)
Bowie Lamar Dog Tag (16) Boosted Shotgun (Shotgun -- 9-9 Base Damage, Damage: (5% Chance) Causes 320 Damage over 20secs, Ballistic Damage Bonus +2%, Ballistic Accuracy +7pts, Reuse time: 4secs, Range: 16m)
Chavers Stratford Campus Gold Badge (21) Clamor (Dual SMGs -- 13-13 Base Damage, States: (15% Chance) Causes Stun: 6secs, Ballistic Accuracy Bonus +2%, Ballistic Accuracy -6pts, Reuse time: 2.5secs, Range: 20m)
Chavim Industrial Square Gold Badge (21) Bedlam (Dual hanguns -- 13-13 base Damage, States: (10% Chance) Causes Blinded: 8secs, Ballistic Accuracy Bonus +2%, Ballistic Accuracy -3pts, Reuse time: 4secs

Range: 16m)

DeadBoy Vauxton Ankh (19) Caution Boots (Inner Strength Regen Rate +10%, Movement Speed +15%)
Hasad Historic District Snakeskin Pouch (19) Panacea (Shirt -- Heals: (15% Chance), Healing H.P.S. 100 to 200)  ?
Jacob Hampton Green Gold Fountain Pens (19) Coward's Pants (Evade Interlock Bonus +3%, Ballistic Damage Resistance +30pts, Ballistic Defense Bonus +3%)
Jokah South Vauxton Silver Anklet (18) Jokah's Beanie (Hat -- Stun Duration Bonus +3%)
Mikah Edgewater Rat's Tail (18) Hacker's Glasses (Viral Defense Bonus +2%,

Viral Damage Bonus +2%)

Officer Peck Pillsen Onyx Pendant (18) Peck's Shirt (Inner Strength Regen Rate +10%, Health Regen Rate +10%, Sitting Health Regen Rate +50%, Sitting Inner Strength Regen Rate +50%)
Officer Taylor Park East Silver Badge (20) Police Special (Handgun -- 11-11 base Damage, Ballistic Accuracy Bonus +3%)
Sergeant Wynn Baldwin Heights Skull Coin (20) Winner's Coat (Viral Resistance +15pts, Melee Damage Resistance +28pts, Ballistic Damage Resistance +28pts)
Stilletto Chelsea Hoots the Owl Bookmark (18) The Storm (SMG -- 9-9 Base Damage, Damage: (5% Chance) 10-25, Ballistic Accuracy Bonus +1%, Ballistic Accuracy -6pts)
Taggart Creston Heights Eagle Pin (21) Taggert's Pipeline (Shirt -- Viral Accuracy Bonus +4%, Viral Resistance +30pts, Viral Defense Bonus +3%)
The Archaeologist Historic District various? Pandora Collector?
Viktor Center Park Ivory Handled Chisel (20) Victory (Rifle -- 11-11 Base Damage, States: (15% Chance) Causes Staggered: 8secs, Ballistic Accuracy Bonus +3%, Ballistic Accuracy +7pts
Winston Union Hill Devil's Head Medallion (20) Reactive Gloves (Ballistic Defense Bonus +4%, Max Inner Strength +20pts)
Wrightby Morrell Red Bandana (20/24) Brightflash Auto (Handgun -- 11-11 Base Damage,

(5% chance) Causes Blinded: 8secs)

Yorkie Maribeau Ornamental Daggers (18) Action Pants (Force Combat Bonus +3%)

Specials Edit

Name Neighborhood Takes Gives
Machine Investigator Ikebukuro
Weapon Codes Enhanced Silver Bullet (5), Enhanced Holy Water (5), Enhanced Wooden Stake (5)
Merovingian Analyst Apollyon
Gracy Heights
Sai Kung
EMCP Codes EMCP Device (5)
Zion Researcher Camon Heights
Sobra Shores
Weapon Codes Enhanced Silver Bullet (5), Enhanced Holy Water (5), Enhanced Wooden Stake (5)

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