Confiscation (1.2.3)
Title Confiscation (1.2.3)
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Episode Episode 1.2
Mission Supplying
Faction Zionites
Mission giver Tyndall
Mission type
Mission Arc
Previous The Power of Propaganda
Next Unexpected Alliances

Mission transcript Edit

Tyndall: Greetings, Warrior. Morpheus has been putting up subversive posters all over the City. Because this illicit activity could endanger the truce, it is imperative that we find Morpheus and dissuade him from his reckless course as quickly as possible. Some of our hackers have managed to trace a file used to print those posters to a certain printer terminal, but the terminal is protected by a heavy security protocol on its local network. We need you to get to the terminal, crack the protocol, and retrieve Morpheus' data. We know you can do it!

Operator: The terminal is in that building. You'll need to crack their security program and retrieve Morpheus' data from the computer terminal. Watch out, we have indications that exiles may be operating in the vicinity.

Operator: Excellent work! Now you can retrieve Morpheus' Data from that terminal.


Journal Entry from Morpheus

BEGIN TRANSCRIPT (Morpheus' voice, rain and traffic in the background): Finally a moment of peace. But for how long , i can't be sure. The Frenchman's threat are not empty, it seems. His men are my shadows, trailing me faithfully wherever i go, waiting for the time when their master gives the word to be done with me. They won't find me an easy mark, but i can't be certain of success in a straight fight with them. I will make sure that the conflict is on my terms, or the Merovingian will have his satisfaction.

Operator: You've got the Data! Now get out and and upload it at the nearest hardline, and watch out for hostiles!

Operator: Interesting. Accessing that system may have removed the security restriction on that printer terminal.

[uploaded the data.]

Operator: Data uploaded succussfully!

Tyndall: Warrior of Zion, you have achieved a formidable victory for our cause. With the help of this data we will surely be able to locate Morpheus!

Operator: Goals for this mission phase are complete!

Tyndall: contact me when you are ready for your next assignment.

[Mission Completed]

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