The Constructs (also known as Archives) are special places in the Matrix. You can gain access to them by buying special keys at your organization's archivist:

Organization Neighborhood
Machines Midian Park
Merovingian Apollyon
Zion Moriah Projects

The archives are only accessible to characters in specific level ranges:

Archive Levels Boss Description
Yuki 15-25 Tengu A snowy recreation of feudal-era Japan.
Ashencourte 20-30 Gargoyle A large bombed-out graveyard with an orange sky.
One Zero 26-35 One Zero Taskmaster A recreation of one of the first surface Machine cities.
Sakura 30-40 Tengu A lush, green recreation of feudal-era Japan, complete with a cerulean sky.
Widow's Moor 36-45 Gargoyle A large, snowy graveyard which plays host to many vampiric exiles.
Zero One 40-50 Zero One Taskmaster A recreation of one of the first surface Machine cities.
Datamine All levels Captain Raeder and Captain Dearnick An archive recreation of SSR facilities. $info gained from data mining is increased threefold by default. The Datamine Tap multiplies the $info output by another three times.
Sati's Playground All levels None Sati's personal recreation of the Mara area. Kunoichi toyboxes may be used in this construct.

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