E Pluribus Neo launches a concentrated assault on one of the Machine’s code storage facilities. Agent Gray believes they’re searching for the components to construct more code bombs. Operatives are sent to defend the location.

Agent Gray: The Zion radicals have proven to be remarkably... resistant to any sort of cooperation, Mr/Ms {bluepill_name}. At this moment, they are making a concentrated assault on one of our code storage facilities. We believe that they are searching for components to construct more code bombs.

Proceed to the location and stop the attackers.

Operator: I'm reading serious activity in there.

[Pluribus Neo operatives are found everywhere within the storage facility. ]

E Pluribus Neo Fighter: You’re spitting on Neo’s grave! Except you can't 'cause he's not dead!

Machine operatives team up with Machine mechanics and fight the battle where Machine security programs had already failed and been deleted. After an intense battle the operator reports he can’t read anymore Pluribus Neo signals. The Machine defenders are successful, and the operatives leave the facility.

Operator: I'm not reading any more signals in there.

Operator: Goals for this area are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

[Agent Gray, frustrated with the intolerable level of harassment from these operatives, requests a meeting with a Zion representative. Zion agrees, and arranges Anome to meet with Machine operatives.]

Agent Gray: This activity has reached an intolerable level. I have requested a meeting with a Zion representative to discuss this conduct.

You will meet with the Zion controller, Anome. We must have clarification on where Zion stands.

Operator: Anome... I've heard some stories about him, and not all of 'em are good ones. He should be somewhere in there.

Anome: So, you’re the poor sap workin’ for the Machines, huh? They put you in a box at night or something?

Okay, okay. Here’s the deal, you may or may not know this stuff: They call themselves “Pluribus Neo.” They’re obviously way outta line, but the Council hasn’t got the ba—the backbone to deal with ‘em. One thing’s clear, though: they've been disavowed by the Council.

Anome: Just between you and me, I wouldn't give these Neo freaks much longer. I got some contacts working on it right now and, well... let’s just say the way to any organization is through their leader. Heh.

[The Machine operatives leave the meeting to report to Agent Gray.]

Agent Gray: This clarification is highly satisfactory. Zion has agreed, in effect, to what you humans refer to as “carte blanche.” The freedom to pursue this little... issue... however we see fit. I am typically not one for predictions, but I will make one now. I predict our campaign against Pluribus Neo will be very... satisfying.

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