Flood informs some Merovingian operatives that some loyal programs are under attack and sends them immediately to resolve the situation. Arriving at the target site, the Merovingian operatives face off against a group of Zion attackers.

Once the Zion operatives were defeated, Flood contacted the Merovingian operatives to inform them another location was under attack. Once again the Zion attackers are killed. One of the injured Merovingian programs recovers a disk from a computer which he demands must reach the Merovingian. The operatives upload the disk at a hardline, which allows Flood to discover another location is under attack.

The operatives arrive at the third location and find Machine programs are the attackers, and many Merovingian programs have already fallen to the attackers. The programs are no match for the operatives and are swiftly sent back to the source.

iRomav 01-21-2006, 12:03 AM

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