Agent Gray arranges machines that technicians are able to break the security code of Silver. While they are working, Gray is also preparing an assault team to enter the construct and retrieve the key once it's done.

The assault team meets. The leader, a veteran in the hunt for the key, meet them in a lab where technicians are working hard to break BluePill the scope of protection of Silver. Suddenly he gets a call from Gray.

Agent Gray: Operative, I just received an urgent communication. The key has been detected again in the matrix. Your presence is needed on the other. Quit the team here, she would only slow you down. The signing of the key has been detected somewhere in Camon Heights. It must have been out of the construct. Go instead sought and intercept the key before it moves again.

Shortly after arriving, he finds the room empty and Contact Gray for more information.

Agent Gray: Our scanner has found the key to another location. Go there as fast as possible before ... outside factors interfere.

At the scene, the Machinist is a small group of commandos from the General. The battle turned in favor of the soldier.

[Constable Gray, already surprised to see so many resistance, ask the soldier to return to the team by storm. ]

Agent Gray: Take your team to this place. A description of the key has been located there, and our monitoring cell tells us that men of the commandos and Silver have been seen. Eliminated all hostilities, either exiled or commando. Find the key.

A huge battle takes place when the assault team enters the building. Exiles Silver and the commando attacked by surprise. Enemies of the team dropping like flies. Standing on the field of victory, the soldiers receive a call from their operator. There is no key on the scene. The assault team from disappointed.

Agent Gray: The key is now in the possession of Zion. This interferer is led by General unacceptable level, alas, the truce and cooperation with Redpill Zion are important to us. Stay in touch. This situation deserves the fine analysis. A decision will fall.

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