The Hovercraft Format C is a strange vessel according to Zion standards. Captained and constructed by Skyscream shortly after the Truce was declared it was rumoured to be haunted due to the mysterious engine she found near the surface. In truth the ship is inhabited and controlled by an Exile program that is Skyscreams husband from when she was a bluepill and a friend to the first mate Shadowofpain. His name is Forr Matsee and is loyal to the cause of his wife ... finding Neo.

The engine plate inscription reads Mark III No. 35 Made in Canada 2073

The Format C is perhaps the most formidable hovercraft ever made. Nearly as large as a hoverbarge with armour plating. Armed with 24 heavy machine gun turrets, 3 large caliber cannons, and several other classified surprises. Few ships have survived a direct clash with this hovercraft. Format C is also unique in that it also has numerous 'tentacle' arms both inside and out which he uses to interact with the environment and crew.

The ship was designed for surface exploration as well as operations in tunnels and is capable of operating for extended periods independant of Zion. Able to comfortably hold a crew of 12 redpills this ship also has a somewhat spacious cargo area for a Warship.

As a veteran hovercraft of Zion the Format C has been involved in many missions which are unfortunately classified. However it is common knowledge that the Format C was rebuilt after a disasterous mission near machine city where it was set upon by Sentinals of unfamiliar design. How it, and the crew, survived is unknown.

  • Located on the Syntax Server. (Formerly Linenoise)

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The True Believers

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