Dame White was the Spectrum Matriarch and became a mother of the Spectrum Siblings after being exiled. She is the wife of Mr. Black.

Before she was exiled, she had the same job as that of Persephone as well as being more of a wild-child back then. Being the replaced by Persephone has formed a rivalry between the two. This resulted in a rivalry between the two. It was said that the she and her friends, Black Widow and the Apothecary go way back.

. I was something of a wild-child in my younger days.

Mission Notes
Data Mining Collect data from some guarded computers in Kowloon and Shirakaba.
Running Interference Intercept a messenger sending a mysterious package.
Polygraphic identify and eliminate a traitor in her own organization by using polygraph on her four lieutenant.
Disk Jockey retrieve two disks from two seperate locations for her.
Paydirt Intercept a deal between an artefact and payment, retrieving both.

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