Dannah Heights is a neighbourhood which is located north of Appollyon and southwest of Kedemoth. It is home to the Silver bullets gang, who are known to hunt lupines although they would hunt any others which would help them get more coffers. Their hatred of lupines stems from the bitter rival gang known as the Furies (whose members are lupines). (It could be speculated that Kraven is either a lupine or feels sympathy for the werewolf exiles.)

Access Node Gracy Heights Keade
Clubs Sphinx
Collectors Kraven
Contacts Digger (332, -2, -1008) basement of building
Gangs Silver Bullets
Hardlines East (403, 0, -1171)
West (103, 0, -1101)
Signal Boosters
Subways Blue Line
Vendors Bartender(Inhalers)
Jutta (Weapon) basement
Sphinx Vendor (Weapon)

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