Agent Gray: Mr. Kennedy, how... good to see you. I have a task for you. We have discovered the location of some of the Merovingian's minions. These particular Exiles have been causing a considerable amount of troubles for us recently. Destroy them.

Operator: I don't get it? How does this fit in with the whole Veil thing? Seems like we were so close on her track...Well I'm sure we'll find out how it's related. Let's focus on taking out these Exiles.

Agent Gray sent me to three seperate locations to kill off the Exiles. It lead me nowhere... except, one Exile had another Audio CD on them.

Agent Gray: Your performance today has been splendid, Mr. Kennedy. It is refreshing to know that you are serving our cause. Unquestioningly. That is all.

//Recording 1

Speaker 1 (Agent Gray): It has been another period. Please report. Speaker 2 (Cryptos, dull tone to voice): I'm fine. Speaker 1: There is concern you may be unstable. The process could not be complete, of necessity. Speaker 2: I am in full control. But the memories are there, along with speech patterns, and habits of language construction. Speaker 1: They can be accessed freely? Speaker 2 (Cryptos's accent grows as he shouts): Screw you, you **bleep** robot. Nobody's gonna fall for this load of blue-pill crap. You don't know humans. You don't know jack. Speaker 1: This is control? Speaker 2: There are degrees. No concern is warranted. Speaker 1: I will report.

//Recording 2

Cryptos: The Machines don't always have the best interests of humanity at heart.

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