Overview downtown

Map of Downtown

Downtown was a district which was heavily influenced by the machines. Most of the people that live here are beurecrats, lawyers, accountants and other upper class employees. it is also known that the exiles in Downtown are sometimes more powerful than the Agents.

NeighborhoodAccess Key LocationNode Location
Baldwin HeightsHampton Green -88,606
Center ParkVauxton -783,104
ChelseaMurasaki or Ueno 244,-578
Creston HeightsCenter Park or Morrell -1242,682
EdgewaterManssen Park or Stamos -2045,-1033
Hampton GreenMaribeau 114,-156
Historic DistrictPark East or Edgewater -973,-654
Industrial SquarePillsen -164,924
LamarChelsea 368,-41
MaribeauShinjuku -103,-340
MorrellVauxton -1276,240
Park EastHistoric District -440,-271
PillsenHampton Green -301,595
South VauxtonBathary Row -1967,-762
Stratford CampusBaldwin Heights or Union Hill 114,969
Union HillLamar 246,441
VauxtonSouth Vauxton-1136,-325

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