Edgewater is an area that in Southern downtown, somewhere below South Vauxton. it largely consist of smeltingplants And shipping faciltiies, which was formerly used to make weapons of warfare. Later, area appeared to look abandoned, until the place was spruced up with restaurants that attracted bluepills to the area. With the flow of monetary $nformation, it has attracted the exile known as the bartender, who can be working in Club Noir. Every dock has a so-called rat problem, but in Edgewater, it is in the form of the wharf rats gang.

Access Node Historic District
Clubs Noir
Collectors Mikah
Contacts The Bartender
Gangs Wharf Rats
Hardlines Central (-1512, -7, -1049)
East (-1020, -7, -1039)
West (-1979, -7, -1060)
Signal Boosters None
Subways None
Vendors Arrindel (Clothing)
Zulema (Item)

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