Flood: The Merovingian needs you to deliver a delicate piece of equipment to another team who is currently on site at a Zion base. They were in the middle of a hit and are in need of an EMP Explosive to prevent more Zion Operative from entering at this location. The device is being downloaded to you right now. make sure that it gets in the hands of our Merovingian Operative, Churyumov.

Once you find him and have delivered the bomb to Churyumov he will still be in need of assistance from you. See to it that you aid him. I hope everything is clear because I'm not going to repeat myself.

Operator: Churyumov and his crew are in the middle of hitting this location and they've quickly realized that the waves of ceaseless Zion Operatives won't end until we get that EMP explosive device on the network mainframe. Make sure that Churyumov gets the bomb and then assist him in planting the device.

Churyumov : You made it. Do you have the explosive device? I'll take it from you.

Churyumov : Quickly, give me the EMP Bomb.

Churyumov : Excellent. Now i need you to help me get into the heart pof the base. Show me to the mainframe and i'm going to place the bomb in that room to disable the entrance of additional Zion operatives at this location.

Operator: The EMP Bomb has been set! Now get out of there!

Operator: All clear, {redpill_name}.

Operator: Goals for this mission phase are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Churyumov : I've placed the EMP Bomb. We should be good to go now. Thanks for the help. I'll team back up with my crew, just get out of there.

Flood: Contact me when you are ready for your next assignment.

[Mission completed]

NPCs Edit

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