Agent Gray: As you may know, we have several teams working on different aspects of the Anome situation. One of them has just reported the strange code signature in their vicinity. Go to their location and assess and situation.

Operator: That code signature is all over the place here, and it sounds like they're losing contact with the other team! Get in there and help out however you can!

Operator: Looks like we're too late to help them. I'm getting some reports of the code signature elsewhere. Get out of here and we'll get in touch with Gray.

Agent Gray: Another team is reporting the same code signature in their vicinity. It is urgent that we do not experience the same results. Proceed to the location indicated and save the team.

Operator: There are two members of that team left in there -- Green the Enforcer and Thekla. Once you've taken care of Anome's people, get them out of there safely.

Green the Enforcer: Thank god you showed up in time... let's get out of here!

Thekla: That was crazy, they came in out of nowhere!

Agent Gray: Yet another team has reported a sighting of the strange code signature, operative. Fortunately, we were able to evacuate them from the area before any harm came to them. Now comes your job. Anome and his thugs are not to be allowed free rein in the Matrix, to do as they will. Their actions must be curtailed. Take the operatives with you and put an end to any of these hooligans you can find.

Operator: Wow. I'm reading exactly one boatload of bad guys in there, Cap0ne. Go to it!

Seven Niobe operatives later...

Operator: Talk about a bloodbath! I think even an arrogant idiot like Anome would sit up and take notice of that.

Agent Gray: A fine moment, Mr. Kennedy. If we cannot yet threaten Anome directly, or destroy his base of operations, we can make it extremely... unpleasant for him to move against us. Rest assured that we will find a way to destroy him. It is... inevitable.

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