Blue Pill Name: Michael Sutton Personality: Friendly, Determind and authorative Liberated Since: June '05 Faction: Apocalypse Federation Crew: B13's Fallen Angels(Captain) Alignment: Zion Background and awakening:

A Teenager who is into Sports and Computers. After running and maintaning networks learnt a few tips and tricks which evolved to make him being a full-blown hacker. In one of the hacker rings, he stumbled across a hacker who went by the Alias of Neo. Neo told him to 'Free His Mind' and to search for the answer to the question, 'What is the Matrix?' Being the type of person Michael was, he shruged this off and tried to forget all about it. Sometime later walking down the street, he was confronted by a formally-dressed gentlemen. The Man stopped Michael in his tracks and grinned at him. Slightly confused and intimidated, Michael just stood there Curiously wondering what the man was thinking. The Man without any change to facial expression punched Michael in the chest. The punch took away all breath from Michael's body. As He looked down and wondered why the man hadn't retracted his hand, he couldn't make out what was happening, But it seemed his entire body was being engulfed in what, he could not describe. Nothing was remembered after this until the next thing he knew, he was standing in the pooring rain in a crowd of people looking down into a crater where a womans body was lying. When the words rang through his mind 'Everything that has a beginning has an end', Neo the same name he had encountered not long before. So this led him to explore further and went back to the hacker rings. Although Neo never showed himself again, he found multiple people that eventually lead to fighting for the cause of Zion.

Michael Sutton was formally known as the Alias Emines from this Point. Emines has captained a crew for Zion since this and is a valued cause for Zions Survival.

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