Morpheus meets with Seraph on a rooftop in the Midian Park district, and is soon taken to the Oracle. He questions her as to why the Machines won't give up Neo's remains after learning that they didn't recycle them. He motions that if he didn't get recycled, then Neo's body should rest in Zion, "in a holy place". Seeing Morpheus' frustration, the Oracle tells him he's "found his purpose" ...

Morpheus began a campaign of protest and sabotage to force the Machines to return Neo's body. Zion declared Morpheus' actions a threat to the Truce. Mysterious, hostile groups began to appear in the simulation: imposter Agents with red eyes, and groups of operatives with masks concealing their faces.

Zionite Missions Edit

  1. Sympathy From a Friend
  2. The Power of Propaganda
  3. Confiscation
  4. Unexpected Alliances
  5. Protection Racket
  6. Redpill Rescue Revisited
  7. Pack Grab
  8. Hardlined Learning
  9. Hardline Hunter
  10. Interview With a Bluepill

Machine Missions Edit

  1. Disturbing Trends
  2. Poster Hunt
  3. Hard Time
  4. No Allies Here
  5. Under Warranty
  6. Gathering Evidence
  7. Witness Protection

Merovingian Missions Edit

  1. The Search for Morpheus
  2. Propaganda
  3. Turf of Vengeance
  4. Opportunity Knocks
  5. Renegade Roundup
  6. Electromagnetic
  7. A Special Case
  8. Necessary Action
  9. New Concerns
  10. Into the Hive
  11. The Black Box
  12. Researching the Black Arts
  13. The Damage Done
  14. ...
  15. Unbearable Burden
  16. Bombs and Betrayal

Preceded by
Episode 1.1
Episode 1.2: "Why Won't They Give Up His Remains?" Succeeded by
Episode 1.3

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