Eventually, a set of critical missions for Zion involves tracking down Morpheus, now a threat to the uneasy truce between them and Zero-One. Disturbances from the imposter 'Red-Eye' Agents have become predominant as operatives carry out their various assignments, and it is soon hinted at that the suspicious character 'The General' was behind the scenes giving these false Agents orders to sabotage most of Zion's operations (and more specifically those of Morpheus).

Morpheus plants a Code Bomb in a water treatment facility, and is soon ambushed by The Assassin; Sensing an attack, Morpheus manages to leave the building before this mysterious character can get a clear shot at him, moments before the bomb detonates. Suprisingly, The Assassin ambushes Morpheus (appearing out of an air vent, apparently showing an ability to bend the rules of The Matrix more skillfully than Neo could) and consequently shoots him with extreme prejudice. Soon after, Niobe and other various Zion operatives are seen in a meeting of sorts with Agent Gray and his like outside the Kalt Chemical Building. In response to Gray claiming no responsibility to Morpheus' death, dispite having sound reason, Niobe tells the Agents that they'll "see justice done". Considering the nature of the shooting, it can be ascertained that The Merovingian is somehow responsible.

Zionite Missions Edit

  1. Lord of Flies
  2. Miracle Man
  3. Untouchable
  4. Grooving Up Slowly (Episode 1.3)
  5. Deterministic Attractor
  6. Exodus

/(Hardline Hunter)?\

Machine Missions Edit

  1. Trace Route
  2. The Zero One
  3. A Matter of Faith
  4. The Bitter Pill
  5. Downtime
  6. Bugged Line

Merovingian Missions Edit

  1. The Murder of Morpheus (Episode 1.3)
  2. Network Connections
  3. Data Encryption
  4. Love and Loathing
  5. ...

Preceded by
Episode 1.2
Episode 1.3: The Death of Morpheus (?) Succeeded by
Episode 2.1

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