Cinematic: Niobe and Ghost confront the Merovingian and Persephone about the location of the Assassin. Persephone reveals that the Assassin is made of flies.

Critical missions (Zion): Zion operatives recover the ingredients for an insecticide to help combat the Assassin. Niobe found out that it was the Merovingian who hired the Assassin.

Zionite Missions Edit

  1. Better Killing Through Chemistry
  2. Chemical Fear
  3. Chemical Reaction
  4. It's the Small
  5. Poison for a parasite

Machine Missions Edit

  1. The Device
  2. Silence Speaks Louder
  3. The Return
  4. Sum of its Parts (Episode 2.1)
  5. Reprisal (Episode 2.1)

Merovingian Missions Edit

  1. Defender of the Fifth
  2. Unfaithful Existence
  3. The Misinformation Age
  4. The Art of Piracy
  5. Meat for the Maggots
Preceded by
Episode 1.3
Episode 2.1: A Swarm of Flies Succeeded by
Episode 2.2

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