Critical missions (Zion): Zion already has acquired a workable insecticide, and is currently working with the Machines to develop a weapon capable of spraying the insecticide efficiently. Zion operatives are also working on locating the Assassin. Persephone reveals the location of the Assassin's hide-out to Zion operatives.

Critical missions (Machines): Machinist operatives participate in trading ingredients for the insecticide to help combat the Assassin as well.

Critical missions (Merovingian): Merovingian operatives attempt to sabotage the insecticide warehouses in order to slow down the process of killing the Assassin.

Cinematic: An un-named Zion redpill enters the Assassin's hoverbarge. Assassin attempts to ambush the redpill, but the redpill sprays the Assassin. A dozen flies from the Assassin's body drops dead. The Assassin picks up a hardline and narrowly escapes.

Zionite Edit

  1. In Exile
  2. Schemes and Schematics
  3. The Flit Gun
  4. Industrial Sabotage
  5. Rotten Fruit

Machine Edit

  1. One Step Ahead
  2. Strange Bedfellows
  3. Reconnaissance
  4. Catching Up
  5. Down the Wire

Merovingian Edit

  1. With Friends Like These
  2. Honor Among Thieves
  3. Burning Both Ends
  4. The Lighter Side of Slaughter
  5. Perfect Enemy

Preceded by
Episode 2.1
Episode 2.2: Experimental Tests Succeeded by
Episode 2.3

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