Cinematic: The General makes an appearance in the Morrell helipad.

Critical: An exiled program, the General, appeared with his Commandos in a helicopter, with offers of help for the various organizations. The Assassin's power grew, but he was tracked down and killed.

Zionite Missions Edit

  1. Your info or Your RSI (Episode 2.3)
  2. Party Crash (Episode 2.3)
  3. Incommunicado (Episode 2.3)
  4. Free Your Mind (Episode 2.3)
  5. The Heights (Episode 2.3)

Machinist Missions Edit

  1. Recruit This
  2. Rule of Thumb
  3. Damage Control
  4. Investigations
  5. Misdirections

Mervovingian Missions Edit

  1. Enter Desayd
  2. Dissension
  3. Military Action
  4. A Little Research
  5. Killing Blow
Preceded by
Episode 2.2
Episode 2.3: Whoever "needs us" Succeeded by
Episode 3.1

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