Live Event: All redpills participate in the process of killing various copies of the Assassin.

Cinematic: Niobe was wounded aboard the Assassin's barge. The Assassin tries to finish off Niobe, but was unable to do it due to the insecticide's side-effects. An unknown operative saves Niobe and defeats the Assassin once and for all.


Machine MissionsEdit

  1. Whats in the Box?
  2. Operation Myrmidon
  3. Decapitation
  4. Defuse the Situation
  5. Final Reckoning

Merovingian Edit

  1. To the Dogs
  2. Pack Management
  3. The Worm Turns
  4. Bon Voyage
  5. The Gatekeeper


  1. Back Door
  2. Dire Connection
  3. Cause and Effect
  4. A Feast for Wolves
  5. Meltdown

Others? Edit

  1. Assassination
  2. courier

Preceded by
Episode 2.3
Episode 3.1: Morpheus is avenged Succeeded by
Episode 3.2

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