Cinematic: Zion redpills and the Commandos have a brief fight only to be called off by the General. The General offers Niobe an alliance. Niobe accepts the offer.

Critical missions (Zion): Zion operatives learn of another program called the Effectuator and attempt to assassinate him, but fail.

Zionites Edit

  1. Demonstration of Force
  2. Scanning the Enemy
  3. Firepower
  4. Agent of Change
  5. Combat Run


  1. Laying the Groundwork
  2. Laying the Trap
  3. Tightening the Circle
  4. Springing the Jaws
  5. Interrogation

Merovingian Edit

  1. Cover All Your Bases
  2. String Pulling
  3. Nothing Ever Goes As Planned
  4. The Gathering Storm
  5. A Chance for Redemption

Preceded by
Episode 3.3
Episode 4.1: I think we can do business Succeeded by
Episode 4.2

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