The Kid and Shimada hold a meeting in Mara Central, with Kid telling his experiences at the Cryptos Box. Kid and Shimada form E Pluribus Neo.


  1. Between Waking and Sleeping
  2. Merchandise
  3. Shimada
  4. The Kid
  5. Groundwork

Machine MissionsEdit

  1. Scene of the Crime
  2. Appropriate Steps
  3. Continuing Aggression
  4. Machines and Mammon
  5. Distractions

Merovingian Edit

  1. Relocation Program
  2. A little R & D
  3. No Animals Were Harmed
  4. Tamper Proof
  5. Reclamation

Preceded by
Episode 3.3
Episode 4.2: From many, one. E Pluribus Neo Succeeded by
Episode 4.3

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