Essentially a bigger version fo the Moriah projects, it is a neghbourhood in Richland. it is located south of Midian Park and Lemone. In this place lies Eshean Park one of the only public spaces. A gang of wannabes and posers called the Death Merchants reside here as well.

Access Node
Collectors Big Jimmy Z (1285, -5, -1384)
Contacts Ruth (1007, -4, -1411)
Gangs Death Merchants
Hardlines Central (1076, -5, -1492)
East (1325, -6, -1499)
West (791, -5 -1488)
Signal Boosters (101, 3, -1641) on roof
Subways Red Line
Vendors Axis-O (Item)
Blackjack (Item)
BoosterBoy (Weapon)
(Jutta (Weapon) fight club basement?
Ricochet (Weapon)

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