Flood was the mission controller for the Merovingian organization and his second in command. he became very bitter when he was deemed obsolete and replaced by a more efficient subroutine, and chose exile into the matrix.

Flood was once a subroutine of a large program within the source

Initiation MissionsEdit

The End of the Beginning
Eliminate Machine opposition and steal vital information.
Scheduled For Deletion
Protect a pair of Exiles from Machine programs.
Fatal Frame-Up
Frame the Machines for killing Zion operatives.
Useful Idiot
Pick up a Redpill for a friendly interrogation.
Intercepted Signal
Convert a Zion redpill candidate for the Merovingian.
Assassin Elimination
Eliminate a Zion assassin.
Nothing to Gain
Steal a pair of computer viruses and sell them to a Zion contact.
Digital Disturbance
Recover a stolen computer virus and put a small bomb in its place
The Bagman
Frame the Machines for stealing from Zion
The Stolen Artifact
Recover a stolen artifact for the Merovingian
Meet the Merovingian
Meet the Merovingian and receive a reward for your newfound loyalty.
Meet Persephone
Meet Persephone and receive a reward for your efforts.
Flit Gun Requisition
Get a flit gun

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