Agent Gray: It is time to pursue some leads from that disk, Mr. Kennedy. There is a redpill named Felix who has apparently interacted with Anome in the past. It is very possible that he may be able to give us some guidance regarding Anome's present location.

Felix: Hey, so you're the Machine person tracking this whole thing down, right? Thank god. You know, it was only a matter of time before Anome pulled a stunt like this. I always did have my eye on him. That Niobe got hurt, or worse... he's going to pay for this. I think I know a place where you might turn up something more. He used to meet with some of his shady friends there. Be careful out there! Some of his friends are pretty clever.

Operator: Okay, time to get over to-- That's strange. I just saw a weird code in there... no, now it's gone. Maybe I'm seeing things. Anyhow, time to get over to this meeting place.

Agent Gray: The location of the alleged meeting place is on your HUD. Proceed there and scour the area for any information.

Operator: This place is looking pretty empty. Check any computers, desks, anything you can find.

One desk was empty.

Computer: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. > _

Operator: That makes no sense, but I'm reading that weird code fluctuation-- Whoa, incoming!

On cue, I was attacked by three Niobe-affiliated attackers, who came out of seemingly nowhere. They were quickly disposed of.

Operator: Ambushed by Niobe's people? I think we'd better go back and pay Felix another little visit.

Agent Gray: Felix has moved from his previous location. He has been tracked to the location indicated; apparently he is making an attempt to escape us. Proceed there as fast as possible and intercept him.

Operator: I'm reading that weird code signature again and... it doesn't look like Felix is here anymore? That's weird. Take a look around.

Upon searching the apartment, I found Felix...

Operator: **bleep** it! He's dead... see if you can find anything and then get out. That code signature is freaking me out.

On Felix's body was a key, which opened an empty desk nearby. Atop the desk was a computer, which I hacked into.

Computer: Volume contains no data.

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