• Blue Pill Name: Leon Detarnt
  • Personality: True Believer
  • Liberated Since: May,05,2005
  • Faction: None
  • Crew: HvCft Mary Rose
  • Alignment: Machine
  • Biography:

FrayJack was always one who took his opportunities too late, however that never proved to be a bad thing. He was awoken at the age of twenty-four, five years before the Machine-Zion truce was formed. He was given multiple chances to join crews by multiple captains, but he declined them all for his reason of “I’d rather be killed by a robotic squid, then inside some mind game”.

When he heard of ‘The One’ he thought of it as just another blabbering idiot trying to get the hopes of the people up. Of course, he soon changed his mind when he heard that The One had killed an agent. Eventually his life in Zion soon shifted, the machines began to strike and he signed up as an APU pilot. The day they were called to the docks for battle his APU’s drive gears got jammed and shattered, meaning he was forced to hide in the caves waiting for his inevitable slaughter.

It never came. He heard the hysterical cries of a young kid, probably sixteen, who was saying “Neo did it! Neo saved us!” everyone started to cheer, but FrayJack stood there, he pushed his way back to his dorm and sat there thinking of how a war, that tore at everyone’s mind and body for five years finally ended. The next day FrayJack got on a hoverbarge that was heading to the surface.

When it landed and started to broadcast its signal he slipped into a chair and entered the matrix for the first time in five years. He joined the ranks of Zion and was quickly promoted to the rank of Captain. Six months later FrayJack took the stripes he wore, and left them on the bed of his room along with a quick note saying ‘I’m through with this. He sucks dicks too. He stowed away on another hoverbarge and met up with a machine liaison that recruited him into their ranks.

Even through all his hardships, his journeys, and dilemmas, FrayJack has always managed to keep his mind and heart separate. He’s just another guy wanting this fragile ‘peace’ to last. Also Xenu

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