Gangs are groups of criminal exiles who infest portions of Mega City. You will generally find different member hierarchies in each neighborhood (with low level flunkies, middlemen, and higher level henchmen); occasionally, you will actually find the gang leader out and about.

Many gang members carry gang tokens, symbols of their allegience. Also, for reasons known only to The Merovingian, some high level gang members carry key cards to hack into the access codes for off-limit areas of the city.


Level Gang Neighborhood
1-3 Choppers Uriah Industrial Park
4-5 Demon Army Tabor Park
4-6 Blackwoods Mara
6-6 Bells Achan
7-8 Blackwoods Magog
6-9 Crushbones Moriah Projects
9-10 Eighty Eights Mannsdale Housing Projects
9-10 Slashers Camon Heights
9-11 Furies Zia
11-12 Furies Kedemoth
12-13 Silver Bullets Lemone
13-14 Bricks Midian Park
13-14 Silver Bullets Dannah Heights
14-15 Death Merchants Eshean Projects
14-15 Five Points Apollyon

Westview Edit

Level Gang Neighborhood
15-16 Legion Sobra Shores
17-18 Crushers Gracy Heights
18-20 King's Men Guinness Lake
15-16 ASP Rogers Way
25-26 Guillotines Southard
25-26 Sparks Lucero Point
26-28 Bathary Boys Bathary Row
25-26 Disciples Manssen Park
29-30 Crow Bars Stamos

International Edit

Level Gang Neighborhood
11-14 Gold Blood Sai Kung
11-14 Sisters of Fate Kaede
11-15 Phoenix Ikebukuro
16-19 Brothers of Destiny Akasaka
16-20 Great Wall Security Shirakaba
16-21 Chang Wing Kowloon
16-21 Destitutes Jurong
16-21 Silver Dragons Furihata
21-24 Jade Moons Shinjuku
21-24 Black Tigers Murasaki
21-25 Shurikens Ueno

Downtown Edit

Level Gang Neighborhood
41-48 Neighbourhood Watcher Creston Heights
41-47 Corporate Security Industrial Square, Stratford Campus
38-40 Warriors Morrell
31-35 Sleeper Vauxton
26-30 Runners South Vauxton
26-30 Wharf Rats Edgewater
26-30 Pit Vipers Historic District
26-29 Daggers Maribeau
36-40 White Security Park East
36-40 Shades Pillsen
36-38 Assassins Baldwin Heights
36-39 Hellions Union Hall
31-35 Suits Hampton Green
31-33 Dog Pound Lamar
26-28 Bookwyrm Chelsea
36-38 Chisels Center Park

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