Gang Leader: Aureus

The Gold Bloods were an Exile gang that were led by Aureus and are local to Sai Kung. Unlike most of the other gangs, they are viewed favourably in their home-neighbourhhood and that the gangs are especially protective of the bluepills that live there.

The Gold Blood is a gang in Sai Kung. One of the Phoenix, Egg, wants your help teaching them respect.

Leader Aureus (530, -4, -115) in the plaza
Token Golden Heart Medallion
Access Key Kowloon, Shirakaba
Sai Kung
Levels 11-14
Flunkies Novice (11), Brother (13), Heart (14)
Middlemen Claviger (11), Enthusiast (13), Advocate (14)
Henchmen Guard (11), Champion (13), Protector (14)

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