Grace was a operative who formerly worked for Zion can be found at Archer Square in Furihata. (-541, 1, -255).

She gradually became obsessed with keeping tabs with the Silver Dragons that she severed ties with the Zionite movement and became neutrally alligned.

Mission Notes
Hell hath No Fury Infiltrate the Silver Dragon gang by killing their enemy, Dynamene , one of the best crackers in the City, and may have been working to break into the Silver Dragon's computer network.
Inside the Action Pick up a disk from a Zionist extraction point (from Steve) and take it to an Anahit, an exile vamp, with information that Grace desired. (liberate Grace's staff member, Palma from Anahit and his mob and take her to a "safehouse")
Second Time Around Kill an enemy gang-leader, Black Moon and make sure to leave a witness in order to get the word around.
Dark Side Delve deeper into the Silver Dragons' network by distributing and maintaining network communications for the gang's secret network by doing 2 things:

1. Mix around the parts from each of the three computers (two "perimeter monitor devices" and one "computer parts") to re-establish their network connectivity.

2. Go to another Silver Dragons site and check their computer in that area (survive an attack from the Black Moons Gang.)

Password: Dragon Obtain a password from the Silver Dragons gang leader, Long, in order to give her access to their system. (actually a trap).

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