Greene was a member of the Spectrum Siblings and can be found in Manssen Park (-836. 1. -61)

Mission Notes
Special Delivery Drop of a code packet for a manager (embedded program) located by the directions from Greene.
You Get What You Pay For Punish Greene's provider, Chilton, for the code in the previous mission was not efficient enough.
Unwelcome Guests Eliminate Cerulean's affiliates trying to invade Greene's territory, Cerulean being responsible for the inefficient code in the last mission.
Smash and Grab Break into Cerulean's property to steal a rare item (a tracking device from the machinists) given to her by Mr. Black.
Triple Cross Get an explosive from a bomb-maker, go to the site of where an alliance meeting will take place between Cerulean and Grisaille, and place the bomb on one of the bodies.

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