Grisaille was an illegitimate member of the Spectrum Siblings, but can still be considered one nonetheless. He can be found in the corner of The Succubus Club (-676, -6, 157) or Club Pandora in Akasaka (227 -6 66).??

He was procreated during an affair with another woman, without Dame White's consent. As a consequence of his illegitimacy, he is hated by all of the other Siblings and Dame White. Although he does rely on his dad sometimes, even he is considered expendable. This has resulted in him exhibiting a burning vengence to eliminate all of the family, including the senior sibling, Indigo.

Indigo's missions were based on sabataging or undermining this exile and his organization.

Mission Notes
Fade Away Eliminate the targets that have been traced from Club Dante (Indigo's club) to a place where you can kill them.
A Quiet Conversation Bring a certain female exile to him, and to eliminate her bodyguards before you capture her. (The exile has information which Grisaille wants to hear).
Silent Scream Drop off a package (to Alpha) to get a virus, then drop the virus off at (or into the mainframe of) Dynamic Network Products (and flee).
The Rest Is Silence Eliminate the female exile from "A Quiet Conversation" mission.
The Quiet Place Eliminate the Crow Bars gang.

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