Flood contact the soldiers who found the data encrypted for their information they are able to decrypt and to determine its source: Silver. Flood sends them to determine what situation is Silver. Soldiers meet with a specialist and go to one of the headquarters of Silver to collect some data.

Inside, the guards are quickly exiled from Silver beaten by the Merovingians. Of the 3 computers in the room, only the last deigns to give them information. The specialist sent by Flood begins to hack the computer. It records all the data and puts them on CD, the soldiers recover and leave the HQ.

Flood believes the information contained on the disk will give them access to the communication network of Silver.

SilverOS Secure Communications Server Ver 17.3.5 ➢ CLFind "key" box " ➢ communications logs Searching ... 63% match: It seems that the suitcase was far more interesting than I thought. It contains some kind of cheat codes. If I could have it in my lab ... 87% match: Research on the bag. The key has disappeared. That may be my chance. Verification of the suspects. 42% match: Jane dropped (it), but the key is mine now. I'll get out of there before the world on the back. End transmission. > _

Flood: So, Silver wants to join the party, eh? This will become a little confusion for me too. It is time to bring her back. Goes where is Silver, destroy it if you like, but be sure to take him. Take this key before it can go anywhere.

Soldiers come and fight against the guards Silver. After that they go into the office of Silver, before they can attack it, Silver is a small spitch.

Silver: Oh, look, the bags of bones are there. I heard that you deleted my. It's not very nice. And now, you break everything about me ... and all without reason. True, the key is gone, and you have no means of obtaining it. Very sad, is it not? I suppose you want to kill me now? Well, wait a minute, bag of bones, and think about this: How will you get the key if you do that? It is quiet, warm, in a pretty small building that you do not have access. The Merovingian himself could not go. But, perhaps, we can make a deal. Zion has the bag, right? Find, bring it to me, we open and share what's dedant. You can not beat that logic, bag of bones. Tell your boss, you are not qualified to negotiate.

Flood decides to think about the soldiers leave Silver at peace yet.

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