The Historic District is a neighbourhood which surrounds Vauxton, South Vauxton and Edgewater within the sourth of Downtown. The name implies that it has history to the bluepills, even though it is manufactured like any other. Oritginally appearaing a decaying downtown, it was transformed ointo a more vibrant community complete with specialty shops and restaurants. It also includes the popular icon known as the City Courthouse.

One of the monuments in this district, Reeves Birdge, is a homage to Keeanu Reeves, the actor who plays the central character, Neo.

Access Node Park East
Clubs None
Collectors Hasad
Contacts Madame T.
Gangs Pit Vipers
Hardlines North (-922, 2, -526)
South (-841, 0, -699)
Signal Boosters None
Subways Yellow
Vendors None

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