"Jealous owner of an extensive private library in Chelsea, Hypatia hoards here information very carefully."
―in-game description

Hypatia is an exile in Chelsea, Downtown. She can be found specifically in the basement of Club Messiah (63, -6, -583).

Mission Notes
Past Due Retrieve overdue books from The Book Club (led by Dobrovolsky), back to her (via her contact, Sean Vyse), by all means necessary.
Thieves in the Night Steal the Coroner's journal (which involves the revival of bluepills)
The Wrong Hands Steal a dangerous book from the Collector and replace it with a counterfeit book gained from an exile counterfeiting expert. Afterwards, kill everything in the site with the book, and destroy the dangerous book.
Pre-emptive Action Disrupt a planned attack on Hypatia from 2 exile groups.
In Pursuit of Knowledge Guide Alvarez to a meeting with Hypatia.