Indigo was the senior member of the Spectrum Siblings, who was fathered by Mr. Black, along with Black's wife, Dame White. He is located around the club known as Dante's Inferno, in Guinness Lake, Westview (-781, 1, -1009).

Mission Notes
Interference Raid some of Grisaille's area and forcefully extract a package which was taken from his courier to one of Indigo's associates.
Spyware Return the package to Indigo's mole in Grisaille's men, Rocky.
Pulling the Trigger Find the other insider spy and convince him not to hold out (Killing the people who guard them).
Pegged Obtain some some more of Grisaille's data and take it to a reporter for Network Media as an anonymous informant.
Gang Rumble Fight alongside Indigo's group against Grisaille's and the recetly allied Amber's.

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