The following missions are given to new redpills by Zion via Tyndall. Following the successful completion of these missions, the player is contacted by Agent Gray of the Machines and Flood of the Merovingian's organization with the offer to do work for them instead of Zion. The player may also choose to continue to work for Zion, however. Once completed, these missions may not be replayed on the same character.

Welcome to the Matrix
Organization initiation and training
Exile Extermination
Assassinate an opposing exile
The Internuncio
Simple delivery
Network Tampering
Escort a Zion operative
Computer Crackdown
Steal data and deliver it
The Potential
Recruit a new redpill (deliver the red and blue pills and escort him to an extraction point).
Check reports of a self-awoken man
Meet Niobe
You get to talk to Commander Lock by special voice transmission.

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